NGC 7635 and Sh2-157

The night sky between the constellation Cassiopeia and Cepheus is rich with nebulae and star clusters. Nebulae visible in this image are Sharpless 157, NGC 7635, LBN 537 and NGC 7538. Star cluster include NGC 7510 and Mankarian 50. The Bubble Nebula (upper right) is one of the most often imaged targets in our galaxy.  Sharpless 157 is sometimes referred to as the Lobster Claw Nebula for obvious reasons.


Exposure: William Optics Star71 f/4.9 (348mm), Atik 460EX. Ha:OIII:SII - 240m:100m:100m (OIII/SII bin 2x2).

OTA:  William Optics Star71

Camera:  Atik 460ex w.EFW2 filter wheel

Filters:  Astrodon Ha/OIII/SII   (3nm)

Mount:  AP Mach1

Exposure:  Ha:OIII:SII     240:100:100 (m) 

Data obtained:  November 2014

Meadowlark Ridge Observatory
Meadowlark Ridge Observatory