Pickering's Triangle

Approximately 8,000 to 10,000 years ago a catastrophic explosion of a star in the constellation Cygnus occurred.  The remnants of this supernova are referred to as the Veil Nebula.  The beautiful filamentary wisps of glowing gas shown in this image are part of Pickering's Triangle - just one part of the Veil Complex.


Pickering's Triangle was discovered in 1904 by Williamina Fleming but credit for the discovery went to Edward Pickering who was the director of the observatory - which was the custom of that time period.


Another version of this image with alternate color mapping can be seen here.


OTA:  Skywatcher Esprit 120

Camera:  Atik 460ex w/EFW2 filter wheel

Filters:  Astrodon Ha (3nm) OIII (3nm) and Series 2 RGB

Mount:  AP Mach 1

Exposure:  Ha:OIII:R:G:B     560:480:110:100:100 (minutes)  RGB data used for star color

Data obtained:  Sept - Oct 2021

Meadowlark Ridge Observatory
Meadowlark Ridge Observatory