IC 63

A combination of emission and reflection nebulae reside close (in celestial terms) to the super bright star gamma Cassiopeia. It is only 3-4 light years away. This star is responsible for energizing the emission faces of both IC 59 and IC 63 causing the reddish glow. The reflection (bluish) portion of IC 59 (upper nebulosity in this image) is much less noticeable. Gamma Cass is the bright blue star in this image.


Collectively these two nebulae are known as Sharpless 185 (Sh2-185).

OTA:  William Optics Star71

Camera:  Atik 460ex w/EFW2 filter wheel

Filters:  Astrodon Ha/SII/LRGB

Mount:  AP Mach1

Exposure:  Ha:SII:L:R:G:B     220:120:40:72:66:102 (m)  rgb bin 2x2

Data obtained: October/November 2015

Meadowlark Ridge Observatory
Meadowlark Ridge Observatory